Ready... set...GO!

Register for the Virtual Race

Registrations are now open for the virtual and solidarity Catalonia 5k in support of Save the Children, which you can run from anywhere, at any time between May 10th and May 12th. Are you joining us?


  • To sign up, you need to download the viRACE application on your smartphone.
  • iOS | Android 
  • Open the application
  • Register your information with your usual email and a password.
  • Oncre you are registered, go to the “All” section where you will find all the races, select the “Catalonia 5k” race, then click on “Register” at the bottom which will take you to the payment page where you can pay the €6 registration fee
  • Fill up your bank details and once the payment is processed…

Congratulations, you’re in!

Let the fun begin, take out your running gear for a spin and start training!

See you between May 10th and May 12th at the virtual finish line!

At Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, we have a clear commitment to society. We aim to effectively and appropriately meet the needs of today’s world while ensuring that our clients’ experiences are not only unforgettable but also enriching and beneficial for their lives and society as a whole.

We are driven by projects that make a lasting impact.

Will you join us?